– Premium quality picture and sound continue to be a focus for Hisense 

– Dolby Vision HDR and Dolby Atmos introduced across its entire ULED TV range

– Hi-View Engine Pro technology introduced into Flagship Series 9 to further enhance picture quality

– Artificial Intelligence takes centre-stage with new OS, VIDAA U3.0 AI, including full integration of Amazon Alexa and Google Home Assistant compatibility

LAS VEGAS, 7 January 2019 – At the 2019 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Hisense Australia today announces its fleet of 2019 Smart TVs, unveiling the next generation of its popular Series 7 and 8 ULED TVs, its Series 9 Premium ULED TV, as well as an Android TV offering that is bound for Australian shores, Series G.

“We’re very proud of this year’s line up as it boasts some exciting improvements to image and sound quality, as well as a new AI-charged smart TV operating system. These advancements will not only provide Australians with a more immersive viewing experience but also enhanced connectivity and ease of use, thanks to the integration of voice control technologies,” said Andre Iannuzzi, Head of Marketing at Hisense Australia.

“Demand for Hisense’s premium televisions has increased significantly in recent years, particularly in 2018 which saw our Premium ULED range expand significantly alongside the launch of our first ever OLED,” said Iannuzzi.

“The 2019 range of Hisense ULED TVs is in line with our continued commitment to ULED technology, which is capable of delivering vibrant colour, bold contrast and amazing brightness, together with brilliant design,” he added.

Impressive picture quality

Hisense is taking picture quality to new heights in 2019 with Dolby Vision HDR to feature across its entire  ULED TV range. Dolby Vision HDR’s dynamic metadata ensures content is portrayed as accurately as possible, automatically adjusting to maintain true-to-life colour, contrast and brightness to optimise the at-home viewing experience for consumers.

Other innovative technologies including Ultra Local Dimming, Quantum Dot, 10-bit and Wide Colour Gamut continue to enhance the image quality of Hisense’s fleet of ULED TVs. Meanwhile, the Company’s flagship Premium ULED TV, the Series 9, is packed with the features that conform to the highest industry standard, including Prime Array Backlight, UHD Premium Certification and 2500-nit Peak Brightness, making it one of the brightest televisions in the Australian market.

The 2019 Series 9 is equipped with Hi-View Engine Pro, an innovative Hisense-developed technology that enables the best overall picture quality by enhancing all content, from Standard Definition all the way up to 4K HDR. Hi-View Engine Pro results in better motion enhancements, noise reduction, 4K upscaling and accurate colour representation.

Spectacular sound

Complementing the premium picture quality, Hisense is raising the bar on sound in 2019 with the addition of Dolby Atmos across its ULED TV range. For consumers wanting to create a truly mesmerising cinema-like viewing experience, Dolby Atmos offers a truly advanced audio solution with vivid, nuanced and robust sound that instantly makes viewers feel part of the action.  

Sophisticated smarts

Adding to the powerful viewer experience is Hisense’s new OS, VIDAA U3.0  AI, which includes the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) and voice control technology. VIDAA U3.0  AI will feature across Hisense’s Series 7, 8 and 9 ULED models, as well as its Series 6 UHD TV.

VIDAA U3.0  AI will come with Amazon Alexa built-in*, meaning an Echo device is not required for consumers to take advantage of its voice control functionality. Usability is also increased as VIDAA U3.0 AI works with Google Home Assistant**, allowing consumers to operate the device with either voice control system.

Performance is also optimised thanks to VIDAA U3.0  AI’s chipset, which delivers an even faster boot time. Netflix, Stan and YouTube are also pre-load on launch, enabling quick transitions between apps. Finally, connectivity has been enhanced with the inclusion of Bluetooth technology across the fleet, enabling consumers to easily connect to wireless speakers and headphones.

Larger-than-life TVs

Australian consumers that crave the experience of a cinema in the comfort of their living room are increasingly looking for high quality, extra large TVs. In response to this, Hisense yesterday announced the introduction of a new model to its premium TV range in the Australian market in 2019, a 100-inch Laser TV.

Hisense will also be catering for this demand in 2019 by introducing 75-inch and 80-inch+ models to its Series 6 UHD 4K TV range, providing consumers with affordable options in the large TV segment of the market.

For more detail on this announcement and other news from Hisense Australia at CES news, visit: https://ces2019.hisense.com.au

*Amazon Video Gear will be available on launch, while Amazon Voice Services will become available in H2 2019

**A Google Home device is required

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